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Maidscape is offering outstanding carpet cleaning solutions that you can count on. We are here to make it as easy as possible for you to hire reliable, fast and easy carpet cleaning services that you will cherish and use for all your carpet cleaning needs. It is extremely important to keep allergens and dust or even grime away from your home. And whether we like it or not, our carpets tend to be full of all these things, which is why we are here to help.

Carpet Cleaning Solutions At Affordable Rates

We provide special stain removal, pet urine removal, fiber protection, and pad replacements as well as restorative upholstery cleaning along with many other services

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Comprehensive 12-Step System To Remove Stains & Odors
Carpet Cleaning Made Easy

Firstly, we start off with a pre-inspection and pre-vacuum to ensure no particles are disturbed during our carpet cleaning process, we then apply our pre-spot spray, and groom it into the carpet. Secondly, we move any furniture, then use our hot water extraction system along with a carpet protector solution. Thirdly, we top it off with a final groom. After that, use foam blocks and plastic tabs to aerate the carpet and complete this process, and then finish up with a final inspection.

Why Choose Us?

We started Maidscape with the idea of offering you carpet cleaning services that are very professional, fast and dependable. For instance, we want to make it easy for you to clean your carpets and we are always more than happy to offer the best value for your money. In addition, we have a dedicated customer service team to help answer any questions, so that our cleaning teams can focus on providing top of the line service. We make sure to only use the latest cleaning techniques and equipment on the market. With our rigorous hiring process that ensures we only work with the best cleaning professionals to maintain the standard we have set, so that every customer is always happy, no matter the situation.


Maidscape has been a part of the industry for years, and we are fully committed to our customers. This is a fresh start for your home and it also helps that you hire top quality professionals that can guarantee the results you deserve. One thing we have worked hard to be proud of is our consistency. We have served hundreds of satisfied customers with their carpet cleaning needs, and you can become another satisfied Maidscape customer today.


We use a truck mounted hot water extraction system that helps eliminate any dirt, dander, or allergens without a hassle. Every carpet cleaning service will also come with a solution that deodorizes stink from your carpet. When hiring a carpet cleaning service it is important that they offer the complete removal of carpet odors and not just offer a spray to mask them. Luckily, Maidscape includes this with all carpet cleaning services.

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Juan Cortez

Left carpets like new! They did a great job and I’m going to use them for as long as they are in business because they’ve earned my trust.

Charlie Bookman

Easy to work with. Very detailed work and friendly staff. Appreciate them being able to take me at the last minute.