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Managing vacation rentals is tough as it is. Coupled with ensuring guest satisfaction and property cleanliness, there just seems to not be enough time. For this reason, let us help you maximize your bookings by automating and maintaining your vacation rental cleaning schedule. After all, time is money.
In this paragraph, I’m going to discuss a few reasons why Maidscape vacation rental cleaning service is crucial to managing vacation rental properties. Firstly by allowing us to sync your schedule to our online calendar, you can rest assured knowing that we will never miss a cleaning. Secondly, after having worked with so many vacation rental managers, our cleaners are trained to keep an eye out for any missing or broken items and will make sure to send any pictures for documentation. Thirdly and most importantly, consistency. If there is one thing vacation rental owners love most, it is Maidscape’s dependability. You, as a customer, can count on us to never miss a cleaning and have no doubts that your rental listing will receive consistent positive reviews.

Why Choose Maidscape


24/7 support by e-mail, phone, and text. Owner’s ability to book and cancel appointments whenever. Visual inspection for any damages and reporting all destruction to the owners immediately, with photos. Connection to a network of reputable providers to arrange for any emergency repairs or service.


Highly-trained expert cleaners, with many years of experience in five-star hotels and private maid companies. Monitoring and replenishing supplies, minor repairs. Complimentary services such as laundry, appliance cleaning, patio sweeping, etc. 


Last-minute availability and flexible scheduling. Maidscape is specifically structured to accommodate last-minute vacation rental cleaning requests. We have a reputation for reliability and professionalism. The same staff is assigned to each property to enhance service and spot any abnormalities.  

Transparent Pricing

We always offer clear and honest prices without any hidden fees or charges. What you are quoted is what you pay, with taxes already included.

Cleanings starting at

$65 per unit

Price per clean determined by: Number of rooms, number of beds, and loads of laundry.

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